Hi! That’s me (Berrit), no not the little guy, the pack horse/small people carrier on the left… I’m a blogger, freelance writer and mother to two Boos. And this blog is all about us!

Although based in the UK we split our time between here and Greece (Mr.O’s homeland). I came to this game quite late on, despite most thinking this was what I was born to do (“mumming” that is not writing). The eldest of 6 and daughter of a Midwife, I’d had enough of babies by the time I was 16 and spent the next 15 years traveling and working on my career, which back then (in my previous life) involved a lot of sales and marketing as a retail manager.

Now-a-days I mostly split my time desperately trying to balance staying hydrated with house work (yes I’m a kept woman, how vintage!) and article research; normally cake based! And, I think I’m pretty average at it, not the cake eating though, that I’m winning at.

Although, mostly just a hobby and a way to wind down of an evening the main point of this blog is to openly share information. Like most first time parents Google became my new best friend (and foe). Able to ply me with instant answers to any question I had from mucus consistency to stool size, what I found was that pretty much every site Google directed me to would either force feed me somebody else’s holier than thou, no budging opinions on how I should live my life or alternatively leave me following a trail of breadcrumbs until finally being led to some form of paid subscription to unlock the pearls of wisdom they were sure I’d been searching for.

Here, there is no right or wrong way. Only a collection of the most helpful information I have found on my journey so far, a continuously growing source of unbiased articles, reviews, tips and ‘how to’s’ for you to read, share and reply to. So, please do, between breastfeeding, bum wiping and washing up I’m quite responsive.

We hope you like what we’ve prepared for you. Much love,

The Boos & The Berrit xx

To work or collaborate with us, simply drop Naomi an email: enquiries@booberrit.com

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