Pets In Isolation: Home Made Treats

Home made treats are the perfect way to reward pets in isolation. Our pet pooch Baloo has been an absolute isolation queen! It’s been a bit of struggle balancing getting her and the threenager and the terrible toddler all out at the same time!

Our Baloo

She is a barmy pug pup. Just over two she’s full of beans and anyones for a biscuit. Being food motivated we often resort to entertaining her with treats. But baby getting back and on more than one occasion this mother’s cupboards have been bare of puppy treats. That’s where my rainy day supply of homemade frozen treats has come in handy. Also the perfect cool down for any pet in isolation, during the hot weather.


To make your own frozen pup treats you will need:

1 carrot (washed and peeled)

1 apple (peeled and cored)

1 chicken stock cube

500 mls of boiling water

1 large ice cube tray


•Melt the stock cube into the water.

•Grate the apple and carrot.

•Add your apple and carrot to your stock and mix.

•Allow the mix to cool down.

•Pour into your ice cube tray.

•Pop in the freezer.

•And voila, you’ve the quickest supply of frozen, bites of distraction to wow your dawg! Paws up, who’s a good mama!

How do you keep your fur kids entertained? Let me know your top tips for pets in isolation, in the comments below.

Much love,

Berrit & Baloo 🐾

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