Buxton Raceway: Review

buxton raceway

Entrance charges for The Buxton Raceway are absolutely great value for money, especially if you’re a younger family. We’d definitely score it a 10/10 for money well spent.  Standard pricing starts at £16.00 for Adults,  £6.00 for children 9-15 years old, under 8’s go free.  In addition, regularly, through out the year you can also find various offers via Groupon and other similar sites with ticket prices being as little as £6.00 for adults and £3.00 per child (over 8).

Buxton is easily reached by car or public transport with the local station offering trains in and out regularly throughout the day and until quite late at night.  However, if going without a car be prepared to have to either bus or taxi it over to the track as it is situated some distance from Buxton centre. It’s for this reason we’ve scored it 7/10 – for locatuon.

I can’t really reel off a whole array of different activities for you to do there, but thats not what the Raceway is all about; ultimately You go to delight in the metal and in all honesty, that’s enough! Every car is different and each race is as exhilarating and funny as the last! With comical commentary all adding to the experience. Thats why we’ve rated it 10/10 for fun.

A petrol heads dream! Buxton Raceway is a Tarmac Oval, established in 1972 and hosting various auto races; most famous for it’s Stock car ”Banger Racing” events.  Get there early to pre-view all the vehicles before they meet their doom on the track.

Although welcoming all groups to it’s events I would suggest that due to the high volume of noise from all the engines it might not be baby friendly (although this does depend on your baby!).  Food wise there is a good selection of burger carts as well as lots of areas to sit with your own picnic.

You’ll feel like a kid again with all the thrills and spills, but remember you’re a mum and pack ya baby wipes! It can be mucky work sitting up front; prepared to get ‘petrol-faced!’ As all the handbrake turns and spin offs create rubber-dust clouds from all the tyre burn.  All part of the fun!

Set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and often referred to as the gateway to the Peaks, it’s rolling hills and lush scenery will not fail to impress.  If wanting to explore (once all vroomed out)  make sure you pack your walking shoes and/or Wellies depending on what time of year you visit.

The entire day out was an all round success with everyone happy and fully entertained, The Raceway is definitely in our top 5 days out.


  1. mauricepeake
    14th July 2018 / 4:28 pm

    That is such a enjoyable sport and an ideal birthday

  2. dell
    15th July 2018 / 9:48 pm

    Daddy wins!

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