Going Out Out: Not Just Going Out


This year marked the two year anniversary of the last time I actually went ‘out, out’. And for a long time, it honestly didn’t bother me, at all.  Possibly due to a combination of lack of choice/needs must (neither myself nor my husband have relatives close to hand) and a well lived period I refer to as my 20’s, when in actual fact (without sounding too out dated and totally mum like) I managed to quite seriously  live it up all the way from my late teens and well in to my 30’s; no seriously, with two years in the States and another five in Greece for absolutely no reason what so ever, Kim and Paris had nothing on me.

I’ve witnessed a lot of my mummy peers struggle with the cabin fever of parenthood and the mental loss of loosing parts of who they had been and I never really understood why?  They all had willing parents ready, on hand to step into Grand parenting duties and divide up the school runs so they could continue working, if they wanted.  But still, for them it just wasn’t  quite the same and although I nodded sympathetically as they woe’d and lamented I truly wasn’t at a level to entirely sympathise. Until now that is, now I completely empathise.

Just lately I’ve wanted nothing more than to be able to temporarily take off my lactating boobs, hang up my bulging pregnancy belly, slip into something completely inappropriate, yet totally ‘on trend’, just to go be seen sipping expensive gin whilst ‘hanging’ (or whatever the alternative is these days) with my adulting friends.

This delayed catch up has nothing what so ever to do with me lasting longer or being better at parenting, it’s solely lifestyle choice based.  You see my friends all did everything right; they all listened to their mums, went to uni, got careers, worked hard before finally getting married and having kids and so they deserved to be able to keep each marker they’d earn, to dance, drink or holiday off their tired feet at the end of the year, term, week.  All the things they’d craved and worked tirelessly to have a nibble at every now and then, I’d spent more than a decade gorging on guilt free, until I was absolutely sick of it.

Motherhood and settling down for me was a retreat, a form of rehab and re-centering.  But no fear, you’ll be glad to hear I’m fully balanced now and it’s time for some fun, mummas got her partay shoes on and she’s ready to roll! One problem, I’m 17 weeks pregnant and we still have no form of childcare.

So, what is there in the name of adult fun that parents can do?  Nothing crafts based or PG friendly, just adult focused and willing to turn a blind eye to our two foot, sleep terrorist!?…

… More than you’d think!…


With a selection of the latest grown up releases just for parents with babies in tow. They’ll store away your buggies, dim the lights and turn down the sound slightly so you can enjoy your movie with baby in arms.


Expect adult dance music on a sensory dance floor; bubbles, glitter bombs and more…


Top comedians from the circuit and TV, perform in child friendly venues that offer soft flooring and cater to the needs of young kids and babies.


The Village Screen will be popping up this February inside one of Manchester’s most historical and spectacular locations – Gorton Monastery – for a spot of Anti-Valentine’s fun. Children 8 yrs + welcome. The Village Screen’s DJ will be spinning the best Valentine’s (and Anti-Valentine’s) classics before each event and there will be food to fall in love with by street food vendors Dim Sum Su and Shoot the Bull.

For more on family friendly social events email us: enquiries@booberrit.com




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  1. Olivia
    30th January 2018 / 10:17 am

    Good read that pal

    • Booberrit
      30th January 2018 / 8:27 pm

      Thanks mate! 😉

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