Away With The Fairies: A Catch Up With Artist Wendy Robinson

Wendy is an artist, writer and unexpected gypsy. Currently travelling full-time, she both creates and teaches art, truly believing it to be one of lifes best medicines.

We managed to steal Wendy away from her creative hub long enough to quiz her on her life loves and new found life choices.

So, Wendy whats your life’s mantra?

Be authentic, Be true, Be brave, Be honourable. Behave with deep integrity to yourself and to others. Also, don’t believe everything that you tell yourself.

As a woman and a mother how do you feel these aspects of your life (if at all) define you and why?

I completely and wholly connect with myself as a woman. I experience my world in a deeply feminine way. Obviously, an important part of this is having the physical body to have babies, whether or not we actually have them! But, for me, I became a mother very young and this has definitely helped to define me. I have always been deeply inspired to do better – even if I felt like not doing it for myself, I always wanted to do it for her ( my daughter). I learn new things all the time, even now, about being a mother. It is a profound, inspiring and humbling adventure! I believe as women, (womb-man) we have a birthright to celebrate with deep honour; our bodies, our softness, our strengths, and our beauty. And to feel the connection we have between ourselves and mother earth herself. For me, that is my connection to the Goddess.

How important do you think it is for women in particular to take time to re-centre themselves?

I think we all need to constantly re-centre. I believe this is key. It’s OK to be off balance as this is part of the bigger picture of the grand balance of life but I personally, need to constantly re-centre. And, I have many centres! For me, each part of my body has an energy centre (chakra) and I give each of them my attention when they call. I am also learning that in turn, each of these ‘centres,’ has a centre, which I am guessing goes on ad infinitum. So, I could be at this for a few life times yet! Haha!

You regularly practice yoga and meditation, what are the benefits?

Coming back into myself and my body. Movement for the body and movement for the mind. It heals, nourishes and nurtures me. Self-care practises like this help me to radiate out into the world the best version of myself I can be. To help keep my own light lit and then shine it out into the world! And, sometimes it helps me hibernate, to go deeply into myself. It can help me look in places I don’t want to go, to learn the lessons from things I need to learn in order to move forward. A constant work in progress on a self-improvement quest!

Living the nomadic lifestyle that you do and constantly being on the move, how do you manage to maintain a balanced frame of mind and well being?

In short and in truth I don’t find this easy, at all! Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t doing very well. However, through journaling and a deep devotion to self-care practise, I have found my way back – to myself. It has actually been such a profound and healing journey that I am in the process of putting together a 7 stage creative journaling workshop, so I can share it with others. This is something I am really excited about. The workshop won’t be ready for a few months yet but in the meantime, you can find my free journaling group here:

With UK GPs reporting a 68% increase in self harm among young women and teenage girls how do you feel this is related to modern day living?

I believe that in our western culture, we have completely lost touch with our connection to nature, being natural, feeling wild and free, and honouring natures cycles. Life is VERY challenging and I believe we need an outlet for the stress and strains that are unnaturally forced upon us. We smother down the pain in whatever way we can find; Self-medicate, self-sabotage, self-harm. From personal experience, I have found that stripping back the layers of conventional society, and stripping back the layers of my own methods of numbing, has helped me find the real truth about myself, life and living and I am still very much on this journey.

I saw a quote in your blog about envy among women, do you think a little competition among the female sexes is healthy or do you think we should be doing more to support one another?

I believe envy is real for everybody. It is an emotion, valid like all the others. To deny it only buries it in the shadows and it will always find a way to resurface. But, envy can be very destructive and by looking at it straight in the eye and facing up to its presence, we can truly get to know it and by doing that, can take away the potential damage to ourselves and to others. I see this as very important in the way women interact with each other. Sisters taking care of sisters, lifting each other up and letting each one’s light burn brightly. Rather than lighting your own light to dim another, if that makes sense? Actually, I don’t think competition is healthy on any level.

A lot of your artwork focuses on fairies, what do they represent to you?

To me, the fairies represent the connection I have with other worlds, earth magic and all elemental nature spirits, which is my connection to Mother Earth, Pacha Mama or to me, the Goddess. I see and feel this everywhere I go. Usually this comes in finding particular trees that I connect with or spaces and places that feel very sacred to me. I channel this energy (to me, everything is energy) into my artwork and into my life. I realised a few years ago, when I started painting again, that often I would be in an inspired place when I was creating – letting what needed to come out onto the canvas, and when I felt connected to the divine source, the magic would really happen in my artwork. My creativity would be on fire! At the time I didn’t really understand it. I go on meditations, shamanic journeys and voyages into the dream worlds with the fairies, they are often my guides and I love them dearly! I also feel aligned with their energy and often feel very ‘fairy,’ like myself.

You often write about essential self-care to fight the discombobulation (great word by the way!) of life, what 3 tips would you give to our readers to fight the woes of everyday life that can be followed no matter your pace or space of life?

To fight my discombobulations (yes, this is my forever – favourite word!) I do have a very specific three part routine:

  • Always take care of physical needs; right foods, right rests, right amount of nature, moving the body everyday in whatever way feels good.
  • Notice if things are going wrong and be honest with yourself. Things can go off-track, pull them back. For me, recognising that something needs to change is really the first part of a mindset change. Don’t shy away from these truths. Look in the mirror first before criticising or judging someone else. My relationship with Mr. H is very helpful in my healing and learning journey in that he often acts as a mirror, so I truly SEE myself. But, he does this without any judgement so I can learn the lessons I need and move forward.  With reflection I do the same back to him. Although, I know that living in a small space for such a long amount of time also magnifies this process for us, big-time.
  • Always travel with a hot water bottle! Always! – A real lifesaver!

You’re not ship wrecked but living life on the road can often feel like being stranded on your own island. Therefore, what would be your desert island disc and what three luxury items could you never live without and why?

1)My hot water bottle (see above) with my fleecy jacket!

2) My laptop/phone, (with internet is a must!) I need my connection to the world, inspiration, friends family (my momma) and a daughter who lives a long way away!

3) Comfortable bed/place to rest.

As for my desert island disc, that is so hard to pick. But, it would have to be an old and consistent friend; the music of Bob Dylan (mid 60’s).

What an insightful catch up, thank you Wendy.  Get the kettle on for that hot water bottle and keep on journaling, until next time here’s some Subterranean Homesick Blues to warm the soul…

You can see more of Wendy’s work and read up about her daily nomadic adventures and fairy tales by following her blog.

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