April Shower: Gender Reveal


Last weekend was our (April) baby shower. What a weekend it was! With a lot of our friends and family (sadly not all) around us to celebrate our pending arrival, we decided to put them out of their misery by having a gender reveal. Not that any of us really cared, but any excuse to buy balloons and get excited. At the very least helps to pass the time and allowed us to make some lovely memories to boot.


Despite being the size of a house and unable to drown my weight gain sorrows, I absolutely loved my shower and would totally recommend having one.  I’ve never really been one of those kind of girls.  I even opted out of having a hen doo or a big wedding as it’s just not really my thing.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good party and any excuse to celebrate, but the idea of organised fun with the spot light on you gives me the internal voms.  However, I always wanted a baby shower, for various reasons I didn’t get to have one with Theon, but if there’s anything I’ve learnt about pregnancy it is that it can continuously feel like the longest wait with far more cons (swollen feet, nausea, heart burn and wind to name just a few) than pros.  And so, it’s nice to organise as many little markers to look forward to and break down the 10 months (let’s not lie to ourselves) into survivable chunks.

It wouldn’t be a party without cupcakes and a photo-booth…

Theon with his aunty Boo…

My youngest brother Thom and his no.1, Huxley.  My other brother Sam and aunty Jazz are in China at the moment so couldn’t make it; we’ll let them off, just this once.


My two youngest sisters, with Grandson/nephew number one…

Theon wondering how long it’ll take before aunty Katie realises he’s pooped his pants!

Aunty Em and her number 1, seems like only yesterday he was a new born and now he’s almost ready to leave home and get a mortgage!

Grandpa and Grandma, also known as our event sponsors! No one throws a party like this pair; partying hard since 1978!

Aunty Connie, the eldest of my three sisters with her bestest baby boy; my number 3 nephew, Phoenix…

Phoenix managed to shake off the motherhood to hit the dance floor, he never turns down a chance to sock hop…

Hoping that the next bae to join the gang is a girl because in her experience boys are quite smelly!

My sister-in-law Ana is also pregnant, it’s kind of a tradition now that we synchronise our pregnancy waddle. Huxley is just 3 and a half weeks older than Theon and our second babies are only 10 weeks apart.

Baby daddy, getting some lessons on how to be English; everyone knows it’s a right of passage and that you definitely can’t get your passport until you’ve successfully pulled your own pint into a plastic cup.

After the party is the after party! Aunty Connie and aunty Ana being secretly papped…

Huxley can’t believe that the same adults that make him keep his bedroom tidy, made all this mess: animals!

It’s a…


The whole clan can’t wait to meet her and what a lucky girl she is to already have this lot (and all the rest) to continue to shower her with love and laughter for the rest of her life.

I can’t thank my family enough for all their hard work in putting together the loveliest baby shower a Mumma could ask for and to all our friends who came up (and down) from far and wide to share in the celebrations: you guys rock!

See the whole day here and watch the moment we revealed our little secret. Don’t forget to subscribe!

If you want to find out more about our shower and where everything was sourced email: enquiries@booberrit.com

We love to hear  your thoughts and stories too, did you have a baby shower? Comment below and let us know.


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  1. 2nd May 2018 / 12:28 pm

    Congratulations!!! I’d sound like you needed another a girl to balance it out. #OurWeekendHappy

    • Booberrit
      2nd May 2018 / 5:47 pm

      Reply definitely 4 nephews and 1 niece, gotta up the girl game! 😉

  2. 8th May 2018 / 12:17 pm

    Oh congratulations – what a gorgeous way to reveal and what a fab party. I definitely agree that it is an important marker in the pregnancy journey and every girl deserves one! I had one first time round but not the second! Thanks so much for linking up with #ourweekendhappy

  3. 9th May 2018 / 8:13 am

    Lovely post with gorgeous photos. Congratulations! Ha! Organised fun also gives me the voms too! 😝 This looks lile it was a great party and it’s something I’d love to do – If I ever had a baby!

  4. 9th May 2018 / 8:15 am

    Congratulations! Looks like you had a wonderful shower. I bet you’re really excited to meet your little lady now 🙂

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