Teethers: Tried & Tested

If you’re discovering that finding a teether for your little ankle biter is not just pay and go, don’t worry. We’ve tried and tested a whole array, but finally think we’ve found ‘the one’! I’m often guilty of receiving orders that I have absolutely no recollection of placing. Only to realise days later that it must have been a random, caffeine fuelled, 3am feed shopping spree! However, today a package arrived that both Theonisi and I are really excited about. Our teethers.

Our situation at the moment is that we are trying to help him wean off ‘the boob’. Now I’m wanting of better words to describe this but, there’s no other way to put it. My boobs are red raw and so, so, sore. There’s a whole selection of reasons for this. Being engorged as my milk supply slowly reduces, I’m pregnant so I’ve a million hormones at play and then there’s the fact that Theon (like most breast fed babies and toddlers) feeds for comfort as well as nourishment.  This means that while he’s feeding on one side he grabs, twists and grips tightly to the other side.

So, what did we receive?

  • The Lily necklace: Made up of one black silicone donut bead and one unfinished beech bead strung on grossgrain ribbon.
  • First Stage Spoon and Toothbrush: Made of BPA free silicone with a duel purpose design. For babies being introduced to solids and has been developed to en- courage dental health from an early age.
  • A couple of their regular teethers, which come in all different shapes and colours.  Made up of the same material as the necklaces; really nice and durable, squeezy and chewable. With their connectors Theon can walk around with them connected to his top and by having multiples attached to his buggy, high chair and even cot, his need to bite is always soothed.  They’re by far his favourite from all the different standard high street teethers we’ve tried.

The necklace

This in particular has been an absolute life saver! It basically gives Theon something that’s tactile and safe for him to chew on, twist and play with while I’m feeding or holding him.

The really cool member of the pack

Calling it simply a spoon does it a real dis-service as it has a million uses. From spoon to teether to toothbrush.  Theon is 16 months now and has been eating solids for almost a year so, although I’ll mainly just use the ‘spoon function’ for his morning yogurts, the big thing for me is the fact that it doubles up as a toothbrush. He’s been brushing his teeth for a while, I say he, I’ve been forcing a tooth brush on him at least once a day for roughly 12 months. He absolutely hates it. The big worry for me is that he’s not really getting the same kind of  clean that I would get when I brush my teeth.  The spoon basically works as a young child’s floss alternative, which is great for his oral hygiene and my peace of mind.

And peace of mind is the key phrase for this award winning product, designed in the UK by a fellow parent who couldn’t find anything out there that served the needs of both parent and child, all products are BPA free and leave you feeling like you’ve some how managed to keep a slight grip on at least a slither of your once cool, stylish self!

You can find by following them on facebook or alternatively if you’d like a flip through their latest look book of stock try their online store.

Happy tooth soothing!

Much love,

Berrit x


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